The photographers

Penny Felts


Penny Felts is a film/instant photographer. She spends her time putting dreams and poetry into images. A longtime student of photography, her work has appeared in in LightLeak magazine, JPGmag, among other publications. Her photographs have been in shows in New York, Italy, Paris and London.

Carmen De Vos


Carmen De Vos (°1967) is an experimental freelance photographer with a penchant for imperfections. She shoots Polaroids to frame her mental escapades; they get so easily out of hand. She thinks up situations and collects fantasies.

Once upon a time she found herself guilty of home-crafted mischiefs for TicKL, her English art porn Polaroid magazine. She never really got cured from naughtiness. She can’t help but traveling back to these blessed times of free-love photography with her Polaroids; stubborn and against the digital grain she keenly creates her own visual language.

Amanda Mason


Amanda Mason is a freelance photographer and designer working in Sydney, Australia. Her love of the Polaroid camera began at the age of 16, and now continues as her chosen photographic medium. She creates dream-like, evocative images using expired Polaroid films and new instant films from The Impossible Project. Amanda creates and shoots created scenarios, sometimes whimsical, sometimes twisted, but always intriguing and with a sense of storytelling. She uses the characteristics of the film to create images into which you escape to
another world.

Kat White


Katherine is a Sydney based designer. Obsessed with Polaroids and fascinated by clouds. She draws inspiration through her travels, from landscapes, architecture and geometry.

Sarah Seené

Sarah bio pic

Sarah Seené is a 25 year-old French girl, fascinated by the power of image. During her literary and cinema studies, she made a memory about the Lars Von Trier’s work. She’s a director of fiction and experimental short films for a few years and a polaroid addict. She colours her polaroids of childhood, dream and fear, in the idea of suspended time with worlds which she mades by a long preparation with make-up, costumes and set-up. When the polaroid is ended, she likes stressing its magic dimension by working again it with a double-exposure manipulation which gives a plastic art effect.

*Welcome to Sarahland !*

Emilie Trouillet


Emilie is a French Polaroid addict since 2008. She likes to use little things from everyday to create stories. With a little bit of magic, a lot of fun and simplicity, she invents her own polaroid world.

Maritza de la Vega


Maritza de la Vega is a photographer/artist living and working in a small hamlet outside of New York City. She loves instant film for it’s immediacy, tangible nature, and manipulability. To see more of her work, visit

Emilie Le Fellic


Born in Paris in 1979 with a Polaroid Land 1000 camera in hand, Emilie Le Fellic is a teacher of English language at university. A lover of words and visual arts of all kinds (drawing, video-making, photography), she rediscovered Polaroid photography randomly through the very year Polaroid film got discontinued, and bought her first SX-70 camera. Then began an unexpected and wonderful tale of creativity, artistic encounters, and self-discovery. Sometimes described as dreamy and poetical, often mixing handwritten words and images, her work mainly centers around the expression of nostalgia, intimacy, childhood and femininity. She published a self-edited book called « A girl’s polaroids » in 2009.

Marion Lanciaux


Paris based photographer and teacher, she’s been shooting instant film since 2006. Her pictures are conscious or unconscious attempted dialogues between words, music and images dealing with themes such as melancholia, memory, communication and onirism. One of her projects called Correspondences drew a parallel between polaroids and letters, based on the very  flaws, uneven textures and accidents that make instant photography just like written messages more poetic and unique.

 Rachael Baez


Rachael Baez is a Library Technician who works at a school by the sea. Almost all of her spare time is consumed by taking Polaroids. The love affair with instant photography began when she spotted a Polaroid Rossa camera in a magazine in 2007 and she has been snapping ever since. Wide-open spaces and nature combined with the endless unpredictability of film are a constant source of inspiration for her photography. Her other loves include the sound of cats purring, science fiction and road trips.

Agafia Polynchuk 

agafia polynchuk profile photo

Agafia Polynchuk is a Berlin based photo artist. She was born in 1988 in Leningrad. In 2010 she bought her SX-70 camera and took very first polaroid picture. She can’t stop to taking polaroids ever since. Agafia is inspired by nature, classical works and everyday things. She visualizes her thoughts, feelings and memories through selfportraits.

Rhiannon Adam


Rhiannon Adam is a London based artist, specialising in instant photographic processes. She was born in Co. Cork, Ireland, and was educated at the University of Cambridge and Central Saint Martins College of Art.

Her work is materials led – concerned with the tactile qualities of instant film, where the physical chemistry of the film reacts with its surrounding environment. Largely autobiographical in nature, Rhiannon’s work focuses on familiar landscapes and eccentric patterns of human behaviour.

Aside from her own photographic practice, Rhiannon is resident curator at Gallery One and a Half (recent projects have included Behind BarsMarc Hagan Guirey’s Horrorgami, and Laura Pannack’s Young British Naturists) as well as curating numerous independent exhibitions around the country.

Her work has been extensively exhibited and published both in the UK and internationally, and her first monograph, Dreamlands / Wastelands will be published by Jane&Jeremy in summer 2013.


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